A downloadable game for Windows

Game developed for the undergraduate thesis of my postgraduation course.

it is a one stage demo for a beat em up with local multiplayer for up to 4 player controllers, and it features a 3D enviroment, combat based on combos, special attacks, power ups, enviromental hazards and boss fights.

The game is based on oldschool beat 'em up games such as Streets Of Rage and Final Fight.

Install instructions

Unzip and run ZONA.exe

The game default input configuration is for a Xbox360 gamepad, to use other
gamepads you must change the input keys in the INPUT tab on 
ZONA.exe before running the game.


Build.rar 114 MB


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on Brawlers Avenue.

Thanks for playing!

You're welcome If  you need any feedback just ask :D

good idea beat em up  :D

Beat em ups are so fun! Thanks for playing!

:D hope make super great beat em up! this world need beat :P